Instant Notification

Easily define when you want to check your Systems and get instant notifications via email and SMS. Add custom notifications to other tools such as Twitter and Slack.

Simple Management Features

We have designed our tools to allow simple and efficient management of your monitored systems. Add and remove new monitors in seconds and see the results presented within minutes.

Extensive Reporting

Each Monitor has it's own set of metrics that gives you full insight into the performance of your Systems. Easily identify key changes that could help diagnose an issue before it affects your customers and sites.

Robust Infrastructure

Multiple data centre locations offer resilient and scalable solutions for your business and our global presence offers insights over and above the standard checks.

Fully Featured

Our comprehensive suite of tools allow customers to monitor a wide range of connected systems. Custom integrations are also possible using our Adaptor technology.

Bespoke Solutions

We can provide tailored solutions that cover monioring of 1000's of system complete with proactive diagnosis and escalation by our Engineers.

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